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About Us

The Broadcast 2040+ campaign was launched in 2022 by five organisations with a shared concern – that there was no Government commitment guaranteeing that broadcast TV and radio would be available beyond 2034.


The campaign was formed to deliver two key messages to Government:

Broadcast services are relied on by millions of people and must be protected


The Government must act now to safeguard these vital national assets for the long term – until the 2040s and beyond


The aim of the Broadcast 2040+ campaign is to seek a Government commitment to safeguard broadcast TV and radio to 2040 and beyond. Since launching, the campaign has released research that highlights the importance of broadcast TV and radio services in the UK, and the strong public support for these services to continue to be available into the future.

This includes:

  • Research from Ipsos, which has found that 90% of adults in Great Britain believe these services should continue to be supported

  • Polling from Strand Partners, which found that 8 in 10 people value broadcast TV and radio as affordable entertainment options for their families, with 72% saying the loss of digital terrestrial television would have a significant negative impact on the UK

The Broadcast 2040+ campaign has also gained the attention of MPs, who have raised questions in Parliament about the steps being taken to ensure broadcast TV and radio continue to be delivered past 2034.


The Broadcast 2040+ campaign has grown to include 30 organisations that recognise the important role played by broadcast services every day in the UK. We believe that a long-term commitment to these services is necessary to provide certainty that broadcast TV and radio will continue to be available to meet the needs of audiences in the future.

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